How To Take A Screenshot On The iPhone X


Apple unveiled its $1000 iPhone this week. The significant price bump for this model gets you Face ID, Animoji, and a device that is all screen. The iPhone X doesn’t have a home button. This is the first iPhone model that has done away with it. The iPhone 7 was the first iPhone model that changed the home button from a mechanical one to a static one that can detect pressure. The removal of the Home button altogether marks a change in how people will use the device. Multitasking is different now but the more pressing question is, how do you take a screenshot on the iPhone X.

Take A Screenshot On The iPhone X

On all older iPhone models, you have to press the power button and home button at the same time to take a screenshot. With no Home button, you have to use a different combination of buttons to take a screenshot on the iPhone X. Specifically, you need to press the Power and Volume Up button at the same time to take a screenshot on the iPhone X (image courtesy Apple).

iphone x

The power button looks a bit different on the iPhone X but Apple hasn’t changed its position. It’s just a little longer than it is on other iPhone models. If you hold the phone with the screen facing you, the power button is still the button located on the right side. The volume buttons are thankfully unchanged and at this point, are the only untouched buttons to have survived the past few years of device redesigning.


If you watched the Apple September  2017 event and stuck around long enough to watch the iPhone X demo videos and games, you must have seen the rather obvious black bar along the top of the all screen phone. That black bar is where the iPhone X speaker and front facing camera lens are located. In order to incorporate these two essential hardware components, the all-screen phone has a little less screen making everything look like a fringe of it has been cut out. The question is, what will the screenshot look like i.e. will it have a section cut out of it at the top?

There’s no way to definitively tell what the case may be until the iPhone X actually starts to ship but it’s reasonable to assume a portion of the screenshot will not be cut out. Apple may have compromised on aesthetics and common sense when designing the $1000 handset but it will likely have the foresight to let users take excellent screenshots as always.



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