How To Disable Windows Defender Summary Notification In Windows 10


Windows defender scans applications, links, and also files for harmful content. It runs in the background and protects us. If it ever finds an issue with a recently installed app or recently downloaded a file, it tells us. Of course, when it doesn’t find anything, it will also tell us. You may have seen the alert ‘Windows Defender Summary’ notification show up on your pc screen almost every day. This only tells you that Windows Defender ran a scan and found nothing. The application basically informs you that all is well however it does so rather frequently. If you actually find this unnecessary, you can decide to disable Windows Defender Summary notification in Windows 10.

To be clear, this won’t turn Windows Defender off. It will keep on running in the background and protect you. Moreover, we don’t suggest turning Windows Defender off unless you have an alternative anti-virus installed. Windows Defender is there for your protection. The way to disable the Windows Defender Summary notification will vary in based on your Windows build. This is because Windows Defender is a stand-alone app as of the Creators Update.

Before Creators Update

Open the Settings app and go to the Security and Update group of settings. Navigate to the Windows Defender tab and scroll down to the ‘Enhanced Notification’ area. All you have to do is Turn off Enhanced Notification, and it will disable the Windows Defender Summary notification.

After Creators Update

You have to open the Windows Defender app. The easiest approach to do this is to double-click the Windows Defender icon in the system tray. If you have disabled the icon, you can quickly search for the app in Windows Search or get to it by going to the Settings app.

Once you have opened the Windows Defender app, go to the Virus and Threat protection tab.

Now, simply Scroll down and click ‘Virus and threat protection settings’. On the next screen, scroll down to the Notification area and click ‘Change notification settings’. Here, all you have to do is turn off the ‘Receive recent activity and scan results’ under the ‘Windows Defender Antivirus notification’ area.

Disable Windows Defender Summary Notification

Critical Event Notifications

This will turn off the summary notification you get each time Windows Defender finishes a scan. It won’t disable any critical alert. For instance, if it detects any harmful app or link, you will get an alert telling to take the necessary action. If maybe you want to check when the last scan was run, you can do that by opening the Windows Defender app and looking at the home screen. There are extra details for the recent scan under Virus and threat protection.


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