How To Get Slack Emoji Bar In Facebook Messenger


Slack is a messenger geared towards productivity. It is very easy to find files and links shared over a channel, and there are scores of bots that make the messenger even more better. Slack is not all play and no fun. To say, you can spend an entirely unproductive day simply searching for the right reaction GIF in Slack. Slack is pretty good at looking up information and recalling it. We can take its emoji bar for instance; it saves you from remembering the shortcut for an emoji. You can simply search for it via the keyword. EmojiBar for Facebook Messenger is a Chrome extension that adds the Slack emoji bar in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger has its own specific emoji. The faces are pretty much the same but they appear to be different. In Facebook Messenger, you can insert an emoji by clicking on the little smiley button. There are the usual categories that you can browse and also there’s the “Recent” panel. If you know the shortcut for an emoji, you can type that rather. Slack, and thus EmojiBar for Facebook Messenger, does emoji lookup in a different way.

Install the extension and open Facebook Messenger. To call the extension, now, type a colon in the input field. This is a colon “:”.

Next, start typing the name of the emoji. As you’re typing, the extension filter out the emoji that matches your keyword. For instance, if you type ‘M’, the extension will list all emoji that starts with an M like Mount Fuji and mushroom. You can continue typing to refine your search if the given results have too many emoji for you to filter through. Use the Tab key highlight an emoji and use the Shift+Tab key to move back. Simply highlight the emoji you want to use and tap the Enter key to quickly insert it.

It stands to reason that you won’t know the name of each emoji that Facebook supports. The majority of us only know what an emoji resembles, and not even the Emoji movie will enable us to remember their names. If you kind of recall what an emoji looks like or what feeling it conveys, you can use that to search for it too.

For instance, you can find the “expressionless” emoji when you write Meh.

The emoji in the emoji bar appears to be different than the ones that Facebook Messenger displays to you in its emoji panel but when you send an emoji, it follows the Facebook emoji format. It implies that the extension won’t add the Slack emoji bar to Facebook Messenger apps for iOS or Android. This is a just a browser extension that won’t work outside Chrome.


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