Microsoft Patches Critical Windows Flaw Disclosed by Google


Microsoft Patches Critical Windows Flaw Disclosed by Google

About a week back, Google openly revealed a major vulnerability in Windows which left a huge number of users at risk. Google specified that the flaw was at that point being exploited in the wild. Microsoft wasn’t too happy with the revelation, stating that Google’s disclosure potentially put users even at risk.

Microsoft patches critical windows flaw

This flaw isn’t simply constrained to a version of Windows, it affects users on Windows Vista through to Windows 10. A Windows file called Win32k.sys which is one of the files required for displaying graphics can be exploited by hackers to create a “security sandbox escape.” Once exploited, this can be utilized to gain administrator privileges, execute malicious codes and also get access to other unrelated PC functions to disrupt normal operations.

Microsoft has however issued a fix to alter this loophole alongside with other vulnerabilities in its operating system. This update is evaluated as “important” and ought to be installed by all users as quickly as time permits.

As indicated by reports, this vulnerability is as of now being utilized in targeted attacks by hacking groups like the Strontium Group.

Regardless of the possibility that you have as of now unsubscribed from Windows updates, it is strongly advised that you apply this critical update. Since this vulnerability is out in the open, a few different groups would attempt to exploit it.


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