WhatsApp On iOS Gets Updated with A Bucketload of GIFs


WhatsApp On iOS Gets Updated with A Bucketload of GIFs

Users that own an iPhone with WhatsApp installed on it, you might need to go to the AppStore straight away to update the app to the most recent version. A major update has been made to the app to make it more interesting with an addition of GIF search.

whatsapp gifs

WhatsApp now gives you a chance to rummage through Giphy for the ideal GIFs to send to make your chat sessions more captivating. This isn’t the only feature the most recent update brings to the table, you can now send your short videos as GIFs. This works for videos with a duration of about 6 seconds (or less) and it’s only made possible on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7.

And also, you can now send Live Photos as animated GIFs. You just need to 3D-touch a live photo and select the option.

As for the animated GIF search feature, it’s not clear when it will hit Android OS but this is probably going to be soon. This is as of now in progress as the most recent beta version of the instant messaging app for Android has this said feature hidden.


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