WhatsApp Video Calling Now Live And Active


WhatsApp Video Calling Now Live And Active

WhatsApp at present lets you send instant messages to your contacts, or call them directly. But in no time, you’ll have the ability to do video calls with your WhatsApp contacts too.

WhatsApp video

The feature is being rolled out and it requires both sides to have the feature active before you can give it a shot (so ensure you get your WhatsApp updated to the most recent version).

To do a video call, you just need to go to your Contacts menu, and tap on the video icon. Alternatively, you can begin a video call by tapping on the phone button located at the upper right hand side of the conversation room, and select the video call option found in the dialog box.


If you can’t wait for it to be rolled out to your region, you can download the APK for WhatsApp beta verison 2.16.381 from APK Mirror to give it a shot.


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