How To Cast Videos From Facebook To Chromecast


No doubt, YouTube is where you most of the best videos lives but Facebook is probably where lower quality versions of them are being uploaded. Jokes and Copyright infringement aside, Facebook has really got a lot of video content. It might pale in comparison to some YouTube videos but that doesn’t mean you can rule it out as a site to watch videos. A lot of new pages run solely by sharing different types of videos and some pages like Mental Floss are somewhat fun to watch. If you have a Chromecast at home, you can actually cast videos from Facebook video to your Chromecast. Here is how.

How To Cast Videos From The Facebook Web

You must be running the latest version of google chrome to do this. You don’t need to install the official Chromecast extension, though you must have the Chromecast device already set up and ready to receive any video stream.

Now, find any video which you would like to watch and play it. If videos play automatically in your timeline, look at the very bottom right corner of the player and you will see a Cast button in between the settings and full-screen buttons. Tap on it and Chrome will prompt you to choose your Chromecast device. Once you have selected the device, the video will be cast to your monitor/TV.

facebook chromecast

On Facebook Apps For Android and iOS

Facebook’s apps also support both AirPlay (iOS only) and Chromecast. Look for any video that you would want to watch and tap on it. You won’t be able to cast the video from your timeline view. It must switch to its own default viewing mode. Inside this viewing mode, there is a cast button next to the full-screen button. Tap on it. On iOS, you will get two different casting options: AirPlay and Chromecast. On Android, you will see only the Chromecast option.

Now, Tap on the “Chromecast” button and select your casting device to start casting the video.

facebook cast videofacebook ios cast

Facebook has been experimenting with the Chromecast support for a while now. It has not really come out and made the feature official and its smartphone apps are always updating silently with a boilerplate changelog. When the support for this feature is officially added is hard to say but it’s there now and also working very well.



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