Step To Cast Any Android Screen To Windows 10 PC


Cast Your Android Screen To Windows 10 PC

Google Chromecast has really made the Android mobile phones exceptionally more powerful. If your Android device came with an inbuilt support for casting its screen then a Chromecast will perform wonders with it. Chromecast is perfect if you want to project your mobile phone’s screen to a TV or a monitor but if you actually want to project it to the desktop, you have clumsy options available in most cases. There is a much simpler and easier way to it and it’s also built into all Android devices with the cast option. All that is required is Windows 10 with a preview build of the update or the anniversary update. The anniversary update comes with a new app called Connect which will allow you to cast your Android device, and also Windows phone screen to your desktop. See how it works below.

Once logged in on your Windows 10 PC, search for the app called “Connect” and launch it. The app will tell you it is ready to connect with other devices available.

Pick up your Android device, pull down the notification center and tap on the Cast button. You will definitely not see anything listed here unless the Chromecast is available on your network which isn’t a problem. Tap on the “More Settings” button and you will automatically be taken to the Cast screen.

Wait for a second or two and you will see your Windows 10 desktop show up in the list here. Now tap on it to connect.

android screen castandroid cast device

On your desktop, the Connect app will display that the Android phone is trying to connect. You won’t be asked to allow or disallow the connection. The Connect app already assumes that if your Android phone is also connected on the same WiFi network as the desktop, then it is trustworthy.

connect windows 10

The connection process doesn’t take much time to establish and soon your Android phone’s screen will be projected to the app.

connect windows 10 cast

The great thing about this Connect app is that you can also use GameDVR to record your Android screen. All you have to do is hit on the Win+G keyboard shortcut and mark Connect as a game to begin the recording process.


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