Step To Enable The Properties Bar In File Explorer In Windows 10


Enable The Properties Bar In File Explorer In Windows 10

The File Explorer in Windows 10 is almost the same as it was in Windows 8 or 8.1. The same can’t be said if you are to compare it to the Windows Explorer in Windows 7. The interface has changed in some way if you are to compare the two and the recent changes are also for the better. Generally, it is an improvement making numerous things, like hiding/showing hidden files much easier. The only change that you might not really feel so great about is the properties ribbon that no longer there. The properties bar always appears at the very bottom of Windows Explorer in Window 7 and it also gives you a quick information regarding a selected file. What we have now is only the preview pane, which doesn’t fill the gap. The good news about this article is that you can restore the properties bar and it’s also very simple. You only need a free app called OldNewExplorer.

Now, install OldNewExplorer and tick the “Show details pane on the bottom” option at the very bottom of the “Appearance” section click on “Close”. If File Explorer is open, close and open it again.

oldnewexplore app

The properties bar will be automatically restored and fully functional. Select any file and you will be able to see its size, when it was modified, when it was created, etc.

properties bar

The OldNewExplorer app works on per-user basis. You can use the app to enable the properties bar on the desired user account you prefer and leave File Explorer untouched for all other users.

OldNewExplorer does a whole lot of other stuff. It has the ability to group your drives and any other attached devices separately like they were in Windows 7/8. It is also able to remove the libraries which are listed under “This PC” in the navigation bar in File Explorer.

If you don’t really like the ribbon in File Explorer, the OldNewExplorer app can help you get rid of it too. It is basically an application that can give you Windows 7 File Explorer in Windows 10 on per-user basis.

Download OldNewExpolrer App


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