Pokémon Go Is Snooping On Your Google Account Data, Here’s A Solution


Pokémon Go Is Snooping On Your Google Account Data, Here’s A Solution

This article is for all the Pokémon hunters who want to catch them all. But while you are very busy searching for the Pokes, the game is said to be overclocking to copy all your device data. This happens right from the step you sign up on Pokémon Go through your Gmail, a lot of iOS users are said to have exposed their lethal information.

Pokemon Go Nintendo mobile game

The users are said to have unknowingly given out their information’s such as their emails, chats, documents, calendar, and so on to third parties and also the game developer. After a successful signup, Pokémon Go will request to have full access to the players Google account. A lot of users always prefer signing up with their Gmail accounts to save time instead of signing up directly for the app itself. Well, in this situation, the app Sign up looks pretty better than via Google account. Pokémon Go offers Pokémon Trainer Club sign up, which doesn’t give access to your Google account.

The security risk of information exposure is said to be only applicable to iOS users as per Google doesn’t provide them with an option to edit their app permissions, unlike the Android users. Interestingly, the Pokémon Go app doesn’t display the full access request via the Google account sign up.

Here is a way to block Pokémon Go from getting access to all your device data:

  1. Click on this link to access (Google Security settings)
  2. Right under the option that says “Sign-in & Security”, click on Connected Apps and Sites
  3. Click on “Manage Apps”
  4. Now, select “Pokémon Go Release”
  5. After that click on “Remove” and then click on “Ok”

The moment you remove access to Pokémon Go on your Google account, you are now free to sign up a separate account on Pokémon Trainer Club. This tip will make sure your account is safe. You are now free to go on a Pokémon hunt without you being worried about your data being accessed by third parties and its developers.

You can thank us later for this tip! 🙂


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