Why Pokemon Go Isn’t Available in Other Countries Right Now


Why Pokemon Go Isn’t Available in Other Countries Right Now

I guess many of you have already heard about the latest Nintendo mobile game known as Pokemon Go. Though, it has only been launched officially in just three countries at the moment, due to this fact if you try searching for the game in the Play Store or App Store you won’t get any sensible result. For now, the supported countries only include Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

Pokemon Go is said to be one of the most successful games this year as it has gained popularity over the roof in the last few days. The game is a location-based augmented reality game which you need to catch Pokemon and also dominate territories.

Pokemon Go Nintendo mobile game

As much as this game is interesting, it is not available in many other countries apart from the ones mentioned above at the moment.

Pokemon Go Delayed Global Launch Due To Current Server Overload

News reaching us according to publishers, the global launch of the game is being delayed due to a server overload. It is said that the number of players the game has gathered in the last few days has exceeded what the developers envisaged

Players in the supported countries are presently experiencing glitches, and also launch in other parts of the world has been postponed until the problem is fixed.

Watch this YouTube video that gives you a fair knowledge about the game and how it functions:

For users who are in a hurry to experience what the game is like, all you have to do is create a US or Australian App Store account. By default, this is what I also use to get Apps in the US App store since there are many games and apps being restricted to US citizens.

You can also do this if you’re using an Android device, just create A US Play Store account and you should be able to install the game straight away. Also, there numerous sites which currently have the APK file uploaded to their servers, all you need do is a simple google search can get you the related links to the file.


There are many clones of this Pokemon’s Go presently, and one of them has been detected to have a malicious code. Be sure about the link you visit to get this game so you won’t install any nasty backdoor on your device.

Download The Apk File For Android



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