Step To Create And Share Memes From Inside Facebook Messenger


Create And Share Memes From Inside Facebook Messenger

Memes, emoticons, and GIFS are broadly used in chat conversations recently. Where most of the chat apps have GIFSs and emotions covered, memes are just a different story altogether. Facebook Messenger allows you search for GIFs and has an entire library of stickers for your conversation. If at all you’re looking for a way to quickly create a meme in Facebook Messenger, then MemeGenerator Bot is just what you need. It’s a Facebook Messenger Bot that will do just that for you. Here is how it works below.

Visit MemeGenerator and send it the desired name of the meme you would like to create. The bot can also search for memes by names, e.g. “One does not simply walk into Mordor” or you can as well search for a meme by just entering the name of a character that appears in the meme for instance, Sponge Bob. You will get numerous choices that you can select from. After doing that, tap “Use this meme” to select your desired meme from the given results.


After which the bot will then ask you to send the top text i.e. The line of text that appears at the top of the image. Next, the bot will ask you to send the bottom text. You can as well skip to enter one if you choose to by tapping on the “Skip” button.


The meme will be generated within few seconds and sent to you as an image. You can as well forward it to any of your Facebook Messenger contacts. The bot can also be used from both the Facebook Messenger apps for Android and iOS, and also from the Facebook Messenger web app.

MemeGenerator is just an awesome way to add some custom memes to a conversation without the stress of having to leave the app. It’s also quick and easy meaning you won’t have to install any specific app for creating memes or use meme generators. Visit MemeGenerator and start a new conversation by typing the name of the meme you would want to create.

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