How to Increase the Text Size of the Title Bars and Icons in Windows 10


Increase the Text Sizes of the Title Bars and Icons in Windows 10

Recently I noticed that the default Text Size of the Title bars and Icons in Windows 10 are a bit too small. For some people it might be cool and they wouldn’t be bothered about it and for some, it might seem just too small for them and they will be wondering how to increase the text sizes and icon.

title bars



Well today I will be showing you a simple tutorial on how you can successfully increase the size of the Title Bars, Menus, Icons and the rest. All you need to is to follow my steps. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Right-click on your Desktop and select “Display settings” option. It will open the Display settings app, here you can customize how your display should look like.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Advance display settings” option. It will take you to the Advance display settings app.
  3. Scroll down again and click on “Advanced sizing of text and other items” Now you’re in the classic Display settings window where you can adjust the sizes of all that you want.

Alternatively, you can go directly to the classic Display settings using this command in the windows RUN dialog box or Search bar, see command below



explorer.exe shell:::{C555438B-3C23-4769-A71F-B6D3D9B6053A}


  1. Below the “Change only the text size” section, you will notice that Title bars is already selected. Now select 11 or 13 from the drop-down box depending on your choice, you can also make it to be “Bold


5. Now click on the “Apply” button and it will increase the text size in all the program windows.

You can also increase the Menu, Icons, Message boxes, Palette titles and Tooltips sizes by clicking on the Title bars drop-down box and select your desired option. Hope you find this tutorial useful. If you have questions based on this tutor you can use the comment box below.


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