How To Turn Off Live Video Notifications On Facebook


Turn Off Live Video Notifications On Facebook

Facebook live video feature turned the social network into a platform for live streaming. It is a limited feature but companies, brands, and people all seem to be willing to give it a try. Anybody can stream a live video; Facebook profiles and pages alike. Anytime a friend or a page you follow on Facebook begins to stream live, you will receive a notification so you can watch it. Facebook will also give you notifications for live streams they think you’ll be interested in. The issue is that live videos are not a refined feature and there is only so much you can get of it that many people get tired of watching them and that is when the notifications begin to get annoying. But the good news is, Facebook has a settings option to turn these notifications Off. See where it is.

Now login to your Facebook account and click on the drop-down arrow close t to the padlock button on the right top of the title bar. Select “Settings” from the menu option that opens. It will take you to the Settings screen, now click on “Notifications” on the left column. The Notifications Settings will allow you to customize what events you receive notifications for. Now click on the “Edit” button next to the “On Facebook” settings.

live video

Now that the “On Facebook” notifications settings have been expanded, scroll down to “Live Videos” (it is located at the very end), click the “On” drop-down and choose either “Suggestions Off or All Off”.


The “Suggestions Off” option tells Facebook not to suggest any live videos for you to watch though will still tell you when any of your friends or page you follow is live. The “All Off” option will totally turn these notifications Off for all varieties of live videos i.e. both the suggested ones and those suggested by people and pages you follow.

I will mention that it isn’t possible to turn Live Video Notifications Off from the mobile applications just yet but give it some period of time and it should be included with an update.

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