How To Download A File You Skipped In A Torrent


Download A File You Skipped In A Torrent

Torrenting is a much frowned and a very popular way to share files online. It can help one download files faster, it allows you pause and resume a download, and it also builds a community. A single torrent is capable to download multiple files. Let’s assume you want to download different versions of the Firefox browser but wouldn’t want to bother looking for it in different app repositories and software, and then downloading the versions separately. You could perhaps find all of them in one place and ready to download as torrent. Where a torrent allows you download several files in one go, it also allows you individually select which of the files you would want to download and skip the ones you wouldn’t want. If you have skipped a particular file in a torrent and you later decided to download it, you might wonder just on how to be able to do that since there is no “ oh no I changed my mind and want to download this particular file now” button to do the trick. Here is what to do.

For both µTorrent and BitTorrent, resuming the download of a file you skipped is all the same. Select the exact torrent in the list of available torrents that are in progress or seeding. Now open the “Detailed info” section and go to the “Files” tab. This is the location where all the files included in the selected torrent are listed and it is also where you select which files to skip. Let’s assume you already skipped a file, right click on it and set the priority to “Normal”. Doing this will make the file start downloading again.


If you would like the files to be downloading in a precise order, you can do so by using the “Prioritize by File Order” option or you can probably set a lower priority for files that you don’t really need right away.

All the files in a torrent file usually have the same priority which is “Normal”. By resetting the priority of the files, it is included back to the list of files that are to be downloaded.


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