See How Far You Can Get On A Budget Using Different Taxi Services


See How Far You Can Get On A Budget Using Different Taxi Services

On-time, Cheap, reliable transport is extremely important to anyone who needs to get around. Services like Lyft and Uber have thrived because they can provide transport flexibly and quickly just because they are cheaper than hiring a cab. Both companies have successfully disrupted taxi services we know it but are they truly always the cheaper choice and which of the two is cheaper? If you are on a budget and you’re trying to get to a specific destination, Up Hail Discover is just a web service you might check with before you order for a cab. The service allows you select a point of origin, a taxi service, and a budget to see how far you can get on it.

Now visit Up Hail Discover and select a point of Origin. Use the slider to set the budget for your desired trip and use the drop-down option to select a taxi service. Up Hail supports Lyft (Plus and Line), Uber (all types of rides), and Taxicab.


The results are shown on a map with a radius drawn to show how far you can go on your budget. You can also zoom in for a closer look.


The good thing about Up Hail is that it’s a visual tool. Though it does lack support for users setting a destination which means it’s only good for showing how far you can get with a specific amount of money. The usefulness is limited so that it’s only good for planning but not necessarily for price comparison when you have set destination in your mind.

The given results might be improved on if, in addition to the visual representation on a map, the service also notifies you as to which areas you can get to on your present budget. For instance, in our test we checked how far we can get with $6 from Grand Central Terminal and got the radius shown in the above screenshot. If the results included something like an alert which says “You can get to Times Square” it would be extremely more useful. The service is in a beta state so we expect more improvements and possible new added features as well.

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