How To See The Default Location Where Windows 10 Wallpapers Are Saved



Microsoft Windows are not known for incredible desktop wallpapers but they are not that bad either, they are not just comparable to those found on Apple Mac OS. At a certain time, the Windows XP desktop wallpaper was one of the most popular wallpapers in the world. If you are in love with any of the new Windows 10 wallpapers and would want to use them somewhere else, in addition to your desktop, you will definitely want to know where they are saved on your system. The images, in all their high definition “HD” glory are inside your Windows root folder.

Now open File Explorer and navigate to the following location in your system.



The three folders here contain all the default Windows 10 wallpapers, both the Windows 10 Hero wallpaper. Inside the 4K folder you will find the Windows 10 Hero image in tons of different screen sizes and both for monitors that you use in portrait orientation. They are all high resolution images.

Inside the Screen folder is where the default lock screen images are saved. If you like any of these images and would want to use them for your desktop display, all you need to do is copy the images to a separate folder which you can select images from in the Windows Settings app.

The Wallpaper folder contains a collection of wallpapers that have been installed on your system. Note that these collections are the default wallpapers and any wallpapers that might have been included by your laptop manufacturer. This is the folder where HP and Dell wallpapers can be found.

If you have a wallpaper already configured on your desktop but you trace the folder it’s been saved in, or the image has been deleted unintentionally, you might be wondering of where you can find a cached copy of that same image on your hard disk. You can give this same location a try.


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